Monday, December 1, 2008

driving traffic to one's blog, interest and exterest

It occurs to me that English could do better for me talking about the process of driving traffic to my blog.

If someone is not interested in my blog, I call that exterest. He's interested in a lot of things, but they all happen to be other than my blog, insofar as he knows anything at all about it. So it's exterest, interest referenced to be outside my domain.

But if he is interested in things that happen to be near the border between my blog and the outside of my blog, I call that periterest--interest near the border. Further, inperiterest would be interest just inside the border, and experiterest would be interest just outside the border. The activities devoted to turning exterest into interest I would call introteresting, especially the case of turning experiterest into inperiterest, presumably the easiest because only small things keep it from happening, although the two are like night and day, experiterest may be near to being interested in my blog, but it's still absolutely not interested, just as much as somebody who is light years away from being interested.

Interest in my blog that is deep and unlikely to diminish i would call profundterest, near the center of the matter of my blog in interest.

I think this puts talk of blog traffic on a firmer talking foundation.

What are the properties of introteresting behavior? This is a fundamental question in addressing the problem of driving traffic to a blog.