Monday, December 8, 2008

claiming victory in barack obama's election

As the sidebar video entitled, "first", discusses, my first public comment that I wanted to join the mafia, stated to two police officers, made note that I wanted to heal relations between blacks and whites. Ever since then I have acted consistent with that expression and with a substantial but unaccustomed apprehension of the powers at my call to accomplish it. Foremost was the decision to maintain public silence on this issue so as not to attract attention to it as a policy of the chicago mafia, an approach which seemed to me more in keeping with the mafia way of doing business, most notably in its "code of silence". I kept to this decision despite one gang leader's urges that I go public with the policy.

During this policy's duration I made two $20 contributions to black organizations, and told no one except that one of them, to the United Negro College Fund, I allowed to send a confidential announcement of to the assistant administrator of the nursing home where I live. She never spoke of receiving it, which is perfectly within the policy of silence. The other organization I sent money to was a New York, help the homeless who want to work, group.

My own writing, shown to no one, approached the issue from a general political openness, allowing both a partisanship with racists, for what I saw as reasonable grounds, which I was personally able to do as the son of a racist, and a partisanship with liberals, which my mother prepared me to do quite effectively.

As a result of this policy, and because I took the heat of circumstances without declaring I was first of Chicago, except to a few close associates, I can safely say that I was the reason Barack Obama's greatness was perceived by the American electorate in 2008.