Tuesday, December 9, 2008

VISA credit card endorsement

I have had a VISA credit card for over a year now. I would say it is responsible for a large part of my security today, in dollar terms. Without it, my health would be poorer because I would not have eaten as well. Though all my available cash goes to make the monthly minimum payments, I have calculated this part of my budget over the next year and it looks like i am in ship shape.I get three meals a day at my nursing home. These are on the order of 70% eatable. While this is a problem, it is not as big a problem as being homeless, which I was for eight years. So you can see why i say the VISA card has been good for me. it's not a grant. I have to pay it all back eventually, plus interest of course. But in my line of work, that is, being the first of the chicago mafia, every moment in the present, spent on pivotal details, means a whole lot more high functioning structure in my world than would exist otherwise, and thereby the means of paying for the present use of those funds will more than likely be ready at hand.

I also have a Mastercard for business.