Sunday, December 21, 2008

my Roman blood

Although my family didnt know it when I was growing up, I and my siblings are Roman. Establishing Roman ancestry is not an easy thing. In England it is very prized to be of Roman blood, however, again, it is not easy to verify and many people attempt to boost their prestige there by claiming to be Roman without any supporting documentation. the Romans of course at one time occupied England.

The reason I believe I can claim to be Roman is that when I was doing work as a model for artists I did a job at Boston University and the teacher commented to the class that this model, me, had a Roman head. Now you can dispute the authenticity of this reference, and I will never play it up as if my life depended on it, but as a point of departure I think it's pretty solid. Art teachers have training in all the civilizations in history, especially Rome, and I think they would be assumed to be able to tell a Roman head from a non Roman head.

The reason I mention England is that one of our ancestors names was King. I assume this line originated in England. I don't assume the first of this line was a monarch type king because from my genealogical research I know that the name King came about often when someone was an actor playing the part of a king, and took that name subsequently.

Being Roman, I am granted kinship with the Italians, and being their kin I was accepted into their elite ranks as first, because of something I did in 1992, and I presume because all my other life details were acceptable.

The story of my becoming first I tell in the sidebar video titled, "first".