Thursday, January 8, 2009

language causes war

Mentally ill persons' essential atoms being unprotected by an inner membrane, normal people live in a state of constant incursion on them. This produces the effect of tending: The mentally ill person's mind is a tending pivot point which the normal people bear off of, causing the mentally ill persons to hear voices, and, as mentally ill persons are distributed all over, the normal people are stabilized isotropically, their misdirected comments, that would otherwise spew out into the environment and be picked up by other species, remain centered in the species skull distribution, and don't spew out.

Mentally ill persons are selected from a broad range of human ranks. Their ejection from species interest might be thought to be a result of the irritation they cause the species due to some sort of inherent pathology. But such a mechanism would not result in a uniform distribution of draftees from the population. Irritation is highly special in each case and would not result in uniform frequency. The frequency of the mentally ill is uniform throughout the population, in order to produce isotropy and stabilization of misdirected comments.

From my own case I can assert that it was precipitated by rank strife, a loss of a personal dispute. I believe that this is what the species uses in all cases to generate draftees. The species is turning rank strife into protection from misdirected comments escape.

For reasons connected with my theory of the physical foundation of mental illness, it is claimed by me that when a person first becomes mentally ill his location becomes irrelevant to the species interest. For this reason the locations of the mentally ill are immaterial. They can be put here or there for convenience's sake and it won't affect their being used to achieve isotropic stability of language.

However, because the minds of normal people are dependent on these mentally ill people's minds as tending pivots, everyone, both the mentally ill and the normal people, must be treated by the species together in death, when active language management ends. to maintain the concealment of the effects of language, the species started to bury its dead in boxes. As a result, the anisotropic impulses caused by vision stimulated by all the light of the sun on the earth no longer were deposited into the soil at death.

But because the earth created life for a reason, it needs all these anisotropic impulses to be deposited in the soil, and that is not happening with humans. So the earth is quite able to get what it wants, and causes wars, to inject chaos into the function of deaths and take back the anisotropic impulses of human beings.

So to escape the interminable periodicity of war humans have to find a different system of communication than language.