Friday, December 12, 2008

variation of size of boundary between exterest and interest, and the interspherical region

It is hard to avoid the conviction that the size of the sphere of interest varies greatly from person to person. We can conclude this for one thing because the details which constitute the interest aspect of a person certainly grow in number from birth to the prime of life, so from that standpoint alone people have different sizes of the sphere of interest just as people have different ages. but more than this, some people, for one reason or another, tend to accumulate details capable of interesting others at a great rate while others do so at a slight rate, thus adding to the variability of the size of people's spheres of interest.

It is inherent in the picture of the sphere separating exterest from interest that it separates the phenomena of on the one hand, experiencing details as interesting, and on the other, experiencing them as not interesting. Same details. different response. Essentially, we ignore the interest of the person himself in the details of himself. That is really just another form of detail, and as such it has a place somewhere in the sphere. the picture is of the dynamic of the movement of peoples' interest here and there, and the effect of this interpretation is that each person has an atomlike essence whose location relative to these spheres of interest of everyone represents what he is interested in at any given moment. It is exactly as if within the sphere of interest is generated a motile body of dimensions much smaller than the sphere, which can travel anywhere. It can travel inside one's own sphere, into the space outside its own sphere where it has some relation to other spheres, and can make a decision to enter someone else's sphere. When this essense atom is in the space between spheres it must prevent itself from entering where it might be unwelcome, and it must analyze spheres for their potential interesting nature, all done with a much less dense flux of information than when it is inside some one or other sphere.

This is quite a lot and we will take a pause.