Monday, January 12, 2009

breath of the mentally ill broadcasting their deaths

The breath being the genesis of interest, it is apparent that when a person is ejected from interest, at the onset of mental illness, his breath no longer goes to accomplishments accepted by the species, even though he isn't aware of this loss and goes about his learned role of seeking accomplishments. Instead, his breath goes toward one thing and one thing alone—informing others of his proximity to and arrival at death, a key transition only because it bears on the service he is rendering to normal people as an object of tending, which makes isotropic the expressions in language of normal people. Bears on it because a head count must be maintained at all times. Even though the positions of the mentally ill are irrelevant, their number is relevant. A certain proportion of mentally ill people to normal people is apparently desireable, and the reasons for this might well be guessed. Isotropy is hard to maintain if the proportion is changing rapidly.

This explains why i came to be aware at some point that my breath was being taken for its expression of certainty of the direction of flow, sometimes in sometimes out. I was constantly transmitting a thought expressing truth of my place in the cycle, low breath point, inhale, high breath point, exhale, repeating interminably. I suspect all mentally ill people develop this thought. We are making it easy to know when we are dead. We are not making it easy to know what our plans for the future are. Such plans don't bear on the plans of the species.