Monday, January 12, 2009

Normal people reject ways of mentally ill because they take more effort.

There is a natural inimicalness between interest and exterest, wherever they exist together, for normal people in only the median, bounded by inner and outer membranes, for the mentally ill throughout the sphere of interest, bounded on the outside by the outer membrane and having no inner membrane at all. This inimicalness produces a struggle, whether normal or ill, and this struggle takes effort to sustain. In normal people where the mixture occurs only in the median there is less volume where this happens and thus less effort involved in sustaining it. In ill people where the mixture is throughout the sphere, there is more volume where this happens and thus more effort involved in sustaining it. The accomplishments of the mentally ill therefore are won at great effort, compared to the case of normal people, and the result of this is that the whole lot of devices, from large to small, developed by the ill person to accomplish what he can are odious to the normal population because of this extra effort characteristic of the devices. The normal people can't sustain such effort. They're not endowed for it. It doesn't appeal to their aesthetics nor to their pragmatism, both being concepts way down the list on the mentally ill person's priorities because these are concepts developed by and for normal people.

Well, i suppose i should be discouraged, but i always turn to the global financial crisis as proof of the merit of my ways, though they certainly have neither aesthetic nor pragmatic appeal. The resources of the normal people are proven to reduce to less merit than mine, a single mentally ill person.