Friday, January 16, 2009

an incident with the clinical director of the nursing home where i live

An incident typical of the mental health industry:

I approached the clinical director of the mental illness nursing home where I live with a suggestion that they offer a group for people with management skills. There are about five people out of the 180 who live here who I would consider good candidates. Her response: “We're a residential facility. We don't handle employment issues.”

I note that the company that owns this nursing home calls itself SIR Management, SIR standing for “specialists in rehabilitation”. What the hell kind of rehabilitation do they specialize in that doesn't consider the presence of management talent something that should be given a high priority for consideration for a group.

This same clinical director in a recent conversation with me said that friendship between staff and residents is not allowed. Then without a breath she said that she's passionate about her job and that she loves the work. I thought to myself, how can this lady expect anyone to take her seriously if she demands to be considered passionate about people she can't even be friends with. As far as I can tell, being passionate about your job means only one thing: if you get fired it will break your heart. If you ask me anyone who expects job security because getting fired will break their heart doesn't deserve the job over someone who takes a more business-like attitude toward job security.

There isn't a snow-ball's chance in hell of my saying what I think to this lady. She considers me inherantly untrustworthy, like she does all of the residents.