Friday, January 9, 2009

new terms for money transactions

I have created some words having to do with money transactions. When you look at an item for sale from the viewpoint of the consumer, rather than the producer, I call that item a sumuct, as opposed to a product. It's the same item, only the details of its manufacture are irrelevant. It's what the item can do for me once I've bought it that matters to me, and I call it by a name that connotes everything I think of it as a part of my belongings.

The context of the point of transaction, viewed from the point of the producer, whether manufacturer, opera impresario, or online publisher, is called situgony, taking from the words situation and cosmogony, or the beginning of the universe in astronomy. the same context, viewed from the point of the consumer, is called positration, taking from the root of deposit.