Monday, February 9, 2009

the case against Bill Wilt

I am going to, in this and coming posts, discuss each of the cases of my allegations of covert repression. This is so that each one can be investigated economically.

All the allegations, if validated, carry a death sentence for the entire group of people responsible, both from the time of onset of the repression, and currently. Anyone involved in the repression during any of that time will be put on the death warrant. My coming to be kingpin has not been a process of merely a few showy demonstrations of prowess. It has been one of surviving and keeping my personal style despite repression of various sorts and with various effects, all of them deterring me from either surviving or pursuing my personal style.

The first one I am going to discuss, preliminarily and not exhaustively, will be my uncle, William F. Wilt. I grew up in an atmosphere tinted with admiration for this traitor to my interests. Admired, but never reaching out to me as a potential colleague or protege, he climbed the corporate ladder to become president of a giant American aerospace corporation, Aerojet General. Little did I suspect how little he was aware of my own star developing, but only noting the highlights where they reflected his own directions. I was pursuing exactly what I have attained, namely, becoming kingpin, though I wouldn't have ever been able to tell you that on the way there. My glory is endowed with spiritual qualities concordant with the most vital position in America. His is limited to his place in polite society, albeit an industrious one.

And in industry is the rub. Bill fucking wilt thought I was lazy.

Now those who know me know I am not lazy. but Bill Wilt didn't know that and neither do his ministers currently serving his will on me. Why did he think I was lazy? Because I knew from an early age that I was deemed the carrier of the family leadership as chosen to be so by my mother's mother, and Wilt's mother, namely, Elizabeth Paxton Wilt, and knowing this, I granted myself a circle of pause around me enabling me to relax, for I had great goals, unspecific, but unlimited since I knew of no bounds to the title I had gained from my grandmother. Consequently, I let my hair down and Bill fucking Wilt thought I was profligate. He especially thought I was profligate because I had lost my social position by dropping out of graduate school at Yale when I relapsed after going off medication. Betty Wilt continued to perceive my pursuit of my potential and took me in while the rest of the family poured anathema on me, and in Bill fucking Wilt's case this amounted to covert repression. Deciding to go off medication was a good decision. Not doing so, I would be on Mellaril to this day, and maybe dead because it has that possible result. It also obliterates spirit. It makes you sleepy all day and I was of the opinion I was better than that. My current theory about mental illness is that it is caused intentionally by homo sapiens to cover their asses with respect to language effects leaking when people speak and miss their mark. to do this the species sets a threshold past which everyone susceptible to mental illness is drafted into it. This threshold is applied uniformly throughout the ranks of the species so as to get isotropic distribution of the drafted parts, so it hits good people as well as bad with equal volatility. I believe my theory is correct. Mental illness is no demerit.

I could have avoided Bill fucking Wilt's unattenuated repression by telling him off in the beginning of it, when he had me in his car after I dropped out of Yale and he told me I "need to work". That, however, was an invitation to argument and argument is always enhanced by time and self-discipline. I get to speak now and I choose to issue a death warrant for Bill fucking Wilt's living representatives and all their servants. The evidence is there. It can be proven he has inflicted his personal condemnation on me through his considerable power, and through my superior power I can express my contempt for it, once my allegations are proven.