Wednesday, February 11, 2009

overpowering by exterest, its possible abuse

There seems to be a difference between interest and exterest in the mentally ill person's mind in that interest is metabolically maintained by one person while exterest is maintained by the population. This results in a partial representation of a sphere by the vision, because one person's vision does not receive an impression from the full 4 pi r squared spherical area around it, and this limits interest to a partial nature in that way, while the exterest is fully 4 pi r squared in nature.

This difference give a great advantage to exterest over interest, and may be the reason mental illness is so overpowering. I had earlier given a proposal that this overpowering was a result of the growth of the median, through all radii which the median occupies as it grows. This earlier suggestion would seem to be weaker than the current suggestion, that it is the complete sphericalness of exterest that gives it more power than interest.

It also would seem that the same difference of extent would enable parties of such a mind to abuse the mentally ill to do so, because it might be possible to create effects that the mentally ill person cannot see, effects based in the part of the body which the vision cannot monitor. Until I suggested this possibility no one thought of it and if it is going on, it has not been suspected or looked for.