Tuesday, February 3, 2009

dating across generations

Courtship involves both genders making a search of their universe for hazards. Dating is going out as a team incorporating the wisdom of the species in its comprehension of hazards as distinct from dangers, which are without a science somewhere in authority over them while hazards have it. Each generation hazards into the universe in a different state of advancement of the species on its dangers. When two people of distinctly different generations court and date, their hazarding must necessarily involve a much larger scale of species issues, or their connection will be too small and fail. hazarding in a larger scale is something no one teaches, and there is a possibility for great disaster. When Pythagoras married one of his students, they witnessed the destruction of the welcome of his school among the people in ancient Greece, who burned it down. Both my girlfriend, crystal, and I have immediately witnessed disasters. She a restriction on her activities. I a computer error of major scale. Time will tell if we solve these problems.