Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dave Ristau in the seventh grade

Dave Ristau was a student in my honors English class in the seventh grade. He was one of the top gangsters in the school at that time. How could he get into an honors class?

Very simple, if you'll permit me a little speculative license.

I was known as promising. Little was it known just how promising i was. The Italian mafia knew exactly how promising i was. They wanted a piece of my action.

When JFK was assassinated it happened during honors English class and Dave Ristau was in the back watching me. The mob had JFK assassinated. The mob was going to ride me to the presidency.

Well it didn't happen. Instead, i beat them at their own game and became kingpin, taking Obama to the White House on my coattails. So now they have to accept the black race as equals. I don't think all of them like it. They will have to adjust.