Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crystal has a coordinated distraction.

My girlfriend Crystal is suffering a coordinated distraction. It is impossible to locate the coordinates of the distraction without imprinting my own coordinates on her. She probably doesn't know any coordinate system well enough to allow me to do so. So far my only success has been to translate her hazarding into tangible terms, but this doesn't lend itself to my understanding as much as a coordinate connection does.

My discussion here of Crystal is coordinated into my own understanding and helps me to perceive her thinking as an example of playing out of my theory of mental illness.

The only logically valid operation between two mentally ill persons is propagation and this includes all the coordinated operations of enabling that and guaranteeing the survival of descendants. Her hazarding is as valid as mine.

It may be possible to coordinate propagation and facilitate descent without actually knowing her distraction's coordinates. I don't know my own, after all, and that has not prevented me from exploring the working of my theory of mental illness. If i can create coordination it should be easier to translate her hazarding into tangible terms.

I will rush to coordinate with her.