Tuesday, March 31, 2009

as First, these are the changes I would make

Envisioning changes is a lengthy and circuitous process.

We are talking about the U.S., a state resulting from a rare confluence of brilliant and courageous men and women not likely repeated.

What has never happened is a vision of a single species administration.

Competition* would have to be a greater motive than security, enfolding security within it.

There is no doubt that word groups that reach ideas outside what has been imagined will stimulate interest. Placement outside however is not success. It can be done with normal faculties. success requires work with remote faculties, whose self awareness is not discussable.

My normal faculties view placement outside as a wound, panic, and build up around the fissure to seal it. This is socially motivated panic.

A drive continent is firm. It is both discovered and made.

When you have the ability to survive without security** your competition can risk the loss of security.

If you do not have this ability your competition cannot risk the loss of security.

Survival without security is a feat unassisted*** by sexuality.

World financial difficulty is a choice between reducing integrity while increasing dependency on the one hand, and entering asexually motivated survival without security on the other.

*based on a better way than being better

**i.e., one set of clothing and a light jacket. no id. occasionally alleviated.

***sexual life is not at an advantage over asexual life.