Saturday, June 27, 2009

My father married my mother as part of a racist conspiracy

After many years of going over my recall of my father it is my increasingly convinced conclusion that he was a part of an explicit conspiracy of intelligent people to put down the black race.

When I turned into a potential ivy leaguer with realized inclinations favorable to blacks, this conspiring group had a married couple graduated from duke university move into the house next door to us. The man tried to talk me out of becoming a social activist. he and my father did a lot of drinking and talking together by themselves. My father moved out because i picketed a store on liberal causes and my mother defended me when he stormed in after learning i had done it.

When I later, after becoming mentally ill, lived with him in florida for a year or so, he and his family all were crawling with lies and deceptions in my face whenever I raised issues of my upbringing.

I believe he was assigned to infatuate and marry my mother for the purpose of confounding her liberal beliefs. There is no other way to make sense of the marriage.

This conspiring group is constantly at my mind, conniving and manipulating, bolstered by the early access my father had to me in an impressionable state. It may not have gained a convert, but it certainly ruined a liberal opponent. I am mentally ill, penniless, unemployable, and without colleagues or friends from years ago.

If i had it my way, my father would be decried as the greatest miscreant in the history of mankind. If I am any bit the kingpin of chicago I say I am, something on that order will be done. Only then will I be free to take my place in the world as a whole-hearted supporter of the black race.