Thursday, July 9, 2009

considering my readers as clients

I am concerned that I have created too much of a memory-driven product here. I need to consider my readers as clients. what real value have I to offer here? The more powerful an idea, the greater the fallout. There should be ramifications that reach into tiny details. Otherwise, its just daydreaming.

But why is there no response to the matter of planning ahead for the calendar? Is it that people don't follow the math? Or is it that they trust "the authorities" to make the right decisions without a public debate? It was "the authorities" at Time Magazine and Encyclopedia Britannica who advanced a common year in 4000, a measure that wouldn't work if the earth's rotation were not slowing, and won't work considering that the earth really is slowing. Who else is willing to think about this? I found this link to a discussion, but it leaves me still wanting someone to talk about the pattern of alternating leap and common years at certain divisibilities as the way to gradually close in on a better fit, With slowing rotation the fly in the ointment that ends the system at four divisibilities. the language they use officially about the 100 and 400 year divisibilities is not instructive about this alternation effect, and leads to much confusion in the minds of the public.