Saturday, July 11, 2009

I have calculated corrections to the calendar incorporating slowing of the earth's rotation.

Using the figures for current days/year of 365.242199 and annual rotational slowing of 0.008812 seconds/year/year, I have calculated what I believe to be perhaps the best divisibility corrections to the calendar. I divided time after the current year 1 into seven intervals, numbered 0-6. each begins with the year 1. At each expiration, the values of (observable days/year minus cumulative calendar days/year) are given as follows:

0: -0.0000245
1: 0.0000799
2: 0.0000669
3: -0.0000970
4: -0.0000119
5: 0.0000409
6: -0.0000180

The sum of squares is 2.3007 e -8

I am still asking for someone to buy my figures at the asking price of $7,000,000,000 (make me a counter offer.) Included in that price is calculation by my heirs of all corrections up to the time at which the earth will make one rotation every year, The same side facing the sun constantly, like the moon does around the earth. presumably that will be a stable condition and not change for the remainder of the life of the sun. If slowing does not change, the earth will face one side to the sun always after some 3.5 billion years. The expected lifetime of the sun is 5 billion years.