Monday, August 24, 2009

Batek Binary as the only way to properly communicate with other species

I was going to create two wikipedia articles, one on Batek Binary and one a biography of myself, but on entering the wikipedia world I found that they require a neutral point of view, prohibit original research, and require that all material have a reliable published source. I don't know if they would consider a blog a reliable published source, and although maybe they would I'm not going to push it. I readily admit I deal with controversial original ideas that aren't discussed anywhere else and to label them as coming from a reliable source is way beyond the good will that I have accrued in the publishing world. To assert that to wikipedia, where these issues are primary, would be a waste of time.

However, I will go ahead and publish these two articles, already written, here on this blog, by my usual method with scholarly work of first publishing to and then embedding the document here. I will place this introduction, from the beginning to here, at the head of both articles.

This is the first article, Batek Binary.