Sunday, August 23, 2009

suggesting successful friendships on facebook

One of the things I am most proud of in social networking is the success of friendships I have suggested on facebook. These are people I knew in high school at Glenbard West who were part of a large number of social connections which I belonged to. They ranged from the very visible figures in organizations and school work to the very formless connections of some students who may have been extremely successful in one way or another but who never established, or wanted to establish, a visible presence among their peers. I have found that my concept of these connections, all told across all the various degrees of visibility, is replete with potential friendships that I do not have a specific memory of but which are to one extent or another a likely match, based just on these very intangible memories of connections. It is always a thrill to me when I get a message from facebook saying that a friendship I suggested was accepted by the two people, and it is usually two people whose knowing each other was no more than a guess on my part.