Friday, August 28, 2009

life design at Yale

When I was a freshman at Yale I rapidly accumulated a sense about other students. They were almost all bent on material success. I considered their humane values poor and I wanted to pursue a more noble path by aiming to be poor.

I certainly have succeeded.

But I find that, being poor, I can't eat as well as I would like. I realized at Yale that finding a spouse would be difficult if I were poor. I didn't realize I would have trouble eating well. Knowing a spouse would be problem I have worked on that ever since. I believe that I have made progress in that matter, with my courtship of Crystal Newell. However, I have not made progress in the matter of eating well. It is bounded by income.

Being poor was a frightening prospect when I was young. I soon realized I had put myself irrevocably down a road that would prove more difficult than I desired life to be. I began to improvise ways to avoid it. I tried majoring in economics. That didn't work. I tried architecture. Here I was confused by the difference between nobility and professional ability. It drove me insane.

Insanity completed my trajectory into poverty.

Now poverty has proven to be a task master of the highest order.

English transformation art is a noble business. Nobility is profitable only at vast scale. The final vast scale is time.

The blog art sale is up. Time will hone it.