Friday, November 20, 2009

unit prophetic value

It is my understanding that all the world's major religions expect the appearance of a prophet to bring in a new epoch. Each of them has its own image of what such a person would be like. They all seem to expect some sort of super-power endowed person.

I am not super-power endowed.

I am tempered by homelessness.

Another thing religions seem to expect is that a prophet will serve mankind, perhaps with a sharp tongue, and expect nothing in return.

Ho Ho.

I expect quite a bit in return.

I have gone through every bit as much a trial as Moses did, and I am every bit as able to see mankind's ills and wrongs. I also observe mankind's better qualities, but he sees these himself and doesn't need me to point them out.

But this is putting it in Moses's terms. My place is not to feed off of Moses. It is my privilege to have been able to stow away the experience of seeing the same fire Moses did and not relate it to anyone. I have lived without benefit of seeing that fire, establishing a lifestyle and avoiding becoming dependent upon individuals or corporations, and becoming a fairly regular fellow. But this is in fact a deception, passively developed. My place is impelled by certainty that all the trials I have undergone amount to unit prophetic value. I don't need to be introduced by the words, "the man who suffered xyz." I can be introduced by the words, "the man who saw what Moses saw." Then people will not be surprised if I do surprising things. One of the most surprising things I can do in that case is doing nothing surprising.

I don't know, what do you think? Is that enough for today?

Yes, let's stop here.