Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Document is argued to have caused the fall of Communism in 1989 and following.

Within the autobiography is a recounting of my steps creating a document I sent to the embassy of the Soviet Union in December of 1989 just about a week before the execution of Romania's president on December 25. The exact date of posting my document is not certain. It occurred before my visit to my brother's house on the 24th, no more than a couple of weeks before then. Over the succeeding months the entire Communist world was flooded with downfalls of Communist regimes. Certainly there was trouble before I sent the document, however, overthrow of the government was not a manifest certainty at that time. Things could have gone many ways, but my document arguably pushed the whole mess to ruin.

No convincing argument supporting any individual action or actions by other persons as the cause of this global upheaval has been offered.

To locate the passage in the autobiography describing the steps of creation of the document, it must be noted that the work is divided into 100 equal time intervals ending in my 59th year. One of these intervals, at this writing, is further divided into 100 intervals, so each segment is given as four decimals, most of them with the last two as zeros. The interval in question is 6500.

Within each interval, commentaries are listed as "items" and each is given a four-digit hexadecimal random id number. This gives a way to search for a commentary whose id is known, yet avoids a commitment to any strict order of commentaries within one time interval. Time order is a priority within each of the segments, but is not as reliably known as the larger time divisions, and moreover, many events have relevance on some continuum of time or have a complex time relationship to other items and subjects, making their association with one moment a difficult one. A random id is suited to this structure.

The random id of the commentary on the document I sent to the Soviet embassy in Washington D.C. is D9C4. So this commentary is specified as segment 6500, item id D9C4.

This event is not discussed in the video life story located in the side bar.