Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What next, given the suggestion I caused the fall of the Soviet Union?

Depending on one's estimation of the probability that my missive to the Soviet embassy caused the downfall of the Soviet Union, one will be of some mind respective of that estimation to allow that I am entitled to my day in the media, despite the factors regarding my place in the Chicago Mafia, factors militating secrecy. It is evident the Mafia has no interest in assessing the autobiography from cover to cover and that only the general public is widely enough based to adequately do so.

Some of the events depicted in the work will shock a lot of people, but without a normal distribution of readers on a range of biases there will be no possible motivation to cross-check throughout the work for some recognition of the uniqueness of the story to the point that shocking events will be well woven into the sense of the life from beginning to the end of the tale. I recognize that this can be seen as a dangerous suggestion. I am not arguing for more input by the Mafia. I am arguing for less. The most shocking events occurred before my induction and understanding them is not going to be had by way of my history of association with the Mafia. They are concerned with my relevance to them. This is a small relationship compared to my entire life's import. Failing to submit the autobiography to a complete analysis will lead to interminable stagnation of my greatest potential.

A viewing of the video life story in the sidebar will show clearly that my life as a Mafia kingpin is startlingly absent any details as rich and productive as my life before that. This I must suggest stems from a basic failure of the Mafia to investigate my story or to encourage me to discuss it. The posting of the video story to this blog occurred with opposition from a major mass of the Mafia organization. I am left to conclude that the issue for this mass is not some small number of details, but every detail over some fairly long interval, such that the real issue is my very identity. My only recourse under these conditions is to propose the widespread distribution of various forms of the autobiography. These would include circulation of the work itself, adaptation to the screen in either fictitious or documentary form, and my own view of the work as will be gotten from media presentations of me in conversation about it. Such coverage will certainly bring along with it criticism, some from light exposure tending to discount it or vilify it, some from any number of exhibitionist tastes, and some from interest in the deeper issues. The chief of the deeper issues is survival, my own of course, but also that of the free world which was posed to engage the Soviet Union at any moment as it had been for some number of years until, I am suggesting, I sent a document to the Soviet embassy in early to mid-December of 1989. Even the people who were living under Soviet rule must admit they now face no threat such as they did before their government collapsed, so the population served by my action, if cause and effect is the correct relationship, is even greater than the free world.