Saturday, September 19, 2009

iPoint product endorsement

I would like to endorse the iPoint pencil sharpener, made by Westcott. I have never owned an electric pencil sharpener before and I am very glad I have one now. I believe my artwork has been severely handicapped by the anguish caused by not being able to rely on a good point on my pencils at all times, without hasstle. I never bought one before because I felt I couldn't afford it. The iPoint was about ten dollars, a reasonable amount. It is run by batteries.

There are two features of this device I like. One is that the whole sharpening operation is visible, which gives me confidence in the reliability of the machine since I can see how things are going.

The other is that it is vertically loaded with the pencil--you push down on the pencil to turn it on. This eliminates the problem, whether actual or just perceived, of the sharpener moving out of your one-handed grip as you sharpen.

This is a fine device, attractively shaped, effectively engineered, and affordable, and I recommend it to any artist.